Depending on which source and media you are listening to, you may find it a conflict as to what really is the new color trend for 2017. Sherwin-Williams announced the Color of the Year as “Poised Taupe SW 6039”. Benjamin Moore announced the 2017 choice is “Shadow 2117-30”. Pantone declared the Color of 2017 as “Greenery 15-0343”. What does that mean for you?

It merely means there is a TREND toward colors in that direction. Meaning that in clothing fashion, home fashion, architectural products, and other retail goods, there is a TREND toward seeing those colors in a lot of new merchandise. In reality, we should not say “purple” and “green” are the hot new colors. It is the COLOR HUE that makes the overwhelming difference. We’re also not suggesting you should go out and redecorate your home in purple or green. We don’t live in a monochromatic world and neither should your home. It’s just an industry trend marking the fact that many retail goods (clothing, home accessories, and architecture) will incorporate those colors in the coming year.

Does that mean grays, whites, and blues are colors of the past? Absolutely not! We may see the color hues of the grays, whites, and blues change slightly, but those colors still remain strong. In fact, the shades of whites and grays are stronger than ever!

How are color trends determined? Colors are forecast on a variety of factors: it can be based on the latest runway fashions in Milan and Paris or it can also be based on the overall political/economic mood of the globe. It has been said that “Greenery” was selected to encourage the world to “take a deep breath, oxygenate, and reinvigorate”. “Greenery” is said to help satisfy our growing desire to unite, while symbolizing the reconnection we seek with nature.