Trends & Picks for 2017

CORK will make a comeback.  But this time, you’ll see it in coffee table bases, cork stools, or side tables.  Cork not only adds warmth and texture to a room, but it is also useful in absorbing noise in the large open plan homes. 

JEWEL TONES inspired by metals, space, stars, clouds, and the cosmos will also be big.  Metallics, metals, raw-cut quartz, Lucite and opal will carry the missing sparkle and interest to your home. 

GREEN is going to enjoy a wide presence.  This color can beautifully complement vintage and timeless furniture as well as metallic accent pieces. 

RAW WHITE accessories that have more of a chalky or bone white finish will be popular.  They give a very earthy and handmade vibe to any room and help deliver that organic look in a vibrant space.

DESIGNER LIGHTING will also grow in popularity.  Lighting acts as a perfect accessory for the home and it is one of the easy ways to show off your unique design sensibility. 

NATURAL TEXTURES are going to be big in 2017.  You’ll see a lot of new inspirational uses of natural materials.  Organic wallpapers inspired by art is one example of natural textures on the rise.  It’s already available in a large number of textures and colors. 

UPHOLSTERED BEDS will continue to be a strong trend.  Upholstery is a great pick to bring a luxurious look to a bedroom. 

SUSTAINABILITY is not just a feature that is enjoyed by our environment but also in the interior of our homes.  Reusing, repurposing and up-cycling will still remain important in the coming year.

Out-Of-The-Ordinary: Bathrooms That Invite Conversation
Free standing tubs are trending! It's a must-have for a spa style bathroom. There are plenty of reasons for this surge in popularity, not the least of which is the amazing versatility of these tubs to transform any space!  Such a dramatic piece in any bath can also help with the value of your home but even more than that, the free standing tub can:
  • Free up more space in the bathroom
  • Allow more expression in the room
  • Serve as a striking focal point
  • Provide a great place to relax and unwind
Add pendant lighting for style and decorative mirrors which bring light and depth to finish it off to complete your  bathroom transformation!