March, 2021: Cabinet and Window Treatment Trends That Impress

With more time being spent at home and especially in the kitchen over the last year, it’s no surprise that in 2021 we are embracing how cabinets can give a completely unique look and feel that define a space.

Into our designs, we are incorporating soft pops of color and celebrating the triumphant return of warmer-toned grays. Here’s more about both:

  • Goodbye Cool Gray, Hello (again) Greige! The warmer tone of greige allows for more design options with use of color accents and goes nicely with crisp, clean quartz countertops. Greige also works well with a lot of metals; we have found that soft champagne, matte black, and nickel are easily intertwined within the warm variations of greige cabinets to create a versatile look that goes with a lot of other design trends. This makes it particularly useful in model home applications.
  • Calmness, Peace, and Fun with Blue and Green. Creating a bold pop by incorporating fresh hues of blue or green goes a long way in the appeal and fun of our designs. This look is sure to impress and create an impact in smaller or loft-type kitchens. When using these colors, we like to incorporate them with crisp whites and early American wood tones so the color pops without being overwhelming, so trendy, or taste-specific that it doesn't appeal to a wide variety of potential home owners. 



A key way that we can enhance a room's design style and grab the attention of the home's guests is through window treatments. Here are some of our favorite ideas that create inspiring spaces in model homes:

  • Woven Shades. As shown in the featured picture above, these add a lot of texture and create a warm, welcoming ambiance in a space without the bulk of fabric.
  • Barn Doors. These add a modern, rustic, or even industrial touch to a room in an unexpected way. They also help to accentuate the existing décor.

  • LED Lights. When you see these in our designs, most often they will be in spaces catered to kids and fun, such as their bedrooms or game rooms. They instantly add energy, life, and personality to a room, making a memorable impression. 


February, 2021: Impact of Lighting & Pampered Pet Spaces

The simplest of interior design can turn into something stylish with the finishing touch of a light fixture. Lighting is obviously an essential component of a home (otherwise, we’d live in the dark), and we believe in combining its purpose and functionality with a great look that easily becomes a focal point in the space. Light fixtures can transform a room, create a different atmosphere, and add personality. With them, the home can show off an enticing style and set the mood for a room. 
In our designs, we capitalize on the power that lighting has on a space, and we highly recommend you do it, too. And setting the design world alight are some dynamic, fun, and distinct lighting trends for 2021 that we want to share. Here are some of them:
  • Use a mix of clean, contemporary, and unique light fixtures with a combination of different materials and textures to give a completely distinctive look.
  • “Go big and go home” is one of the biggest trends because “big” makes a bold statement in any room.
  • Choose bold designs featuring sculptural shapes, interesting textures, and/or colored glass to make a style statement, even when the light is switched off.
  • Don’t forget about the light bulbs; they create their own look and personality too. From bulky to simple, to shiny or transparent, there are lots of options.
We encourage you to have fun as you make lighting selections, and you will love how easily interiors can change with them. 


Throughout the last year, more than ever before, families have expanded to include more furry family members. And with so much time at home, families have made their houses into great dog houses, too. Separate, designated, and stylish dog spaces and rooms are a popular trend, and customized designs, fabrics, colors, and accessories make these interiors blend seamlessly and beautifully with a home's design. Our favorite ideas for creating stylish, functional spaces for beloved fur babies:

  • Make a custom dog wash station that incorporates fine finishes that match the home, such as tiles, fixtures, and more.
  • Create a built-in dog crate and storage system using cabinets and countertops.
  • Choose dog beds, bowls, and toys that flow with the look of the home and create a "wow" for potential buyers and visiting guests.
  • Use attractive hooks to hang the pets' leashes, collars, and brushes.

We have implemented each of these in model homes, and what a hit they are with the families. They not only help the potential owners envision themselves in the home, but they highlight how the standard model can be customized to their specific interests. Designing the home with dogs in mind will not only look and feel good, but will make for one very happy pet.